Company profile

Beitzone was established in 2017 in Giza Governorate near 6th of October to become one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the field of household appliances.

Our vision
 We always strive to provide the best value to people through lasting harmony and exceptional performance with our customers, and we achieve the highest rate of growth in the retail market for household requirements as one of the leading brands in Egypt.


Our mission
 We work to delight our customers by providing a unique and distinctive shopping experience and maintaining a potential cost in our various stores and on our portal, maintaining them and maintaining their sustainable appreciation.


Principles and values
Our values ​​are the basis that provides us with our internal and external strength. Despite the various changes that we face economically, socially, and politically, our values ​​have remained unchanged and unchanged.
 Quality of Service: Our interest in providing excellent service stems from our conviction that our customer comes first and that our work is only completed when we make an extra effort to give them outstanding value. We always strive to provide a high quality of our products, an excellent shopping experience, and after-sales services that satisfy all our customers.

Our effectiveness lies in our keenness to provide the finest products at low prices. But low prices are impossible without a low cost, and for that purpose, we seek to develop new products and use our resources completely and without waste. Our effectiveness in this context is also the product of our respect and appreciation for our customers, our resources, and ourselves as we believe in our ability to renew and develop to reach our goal and the comfort of our customers.

Willing to change: If it proves that there are more advanced solutions, we return to our old ones and change them. We are steadfast in our beneficial principles, but we also have the ability to review and renew wherever we find that this will develop our work and delight our customers.

Trust, honesty, and integrity: Trust, honesty, and integrity are among the most important things we value and do not tolerate dishonest and immoral behavior and therefore we always strive to work properly and impartially to maintain our good relationship with our customers. We are one family, work as a cohesive team, encourage positive contributions from our employees, and support the creation of new ways to improve work performance.